What is EbookBorn?

EbookBorn is a self publishing consulting and services company. If you have any questions on how to self publish your own book or need help doing it, then check out our consulting and services.


All Sales Final?

From 2018, we will have an ALL SALES FINAL POLICY because it requires a lot of time, experience, expertise to provide consulting. The service part has a lot to do more with the client who must take forward steps to publish their book. We cannot do it for them so the client must realize that if they get no results, it's their own responsibility. Due to that reason, we will now take an ALL SALES FINAL POLICY for ALL our consulting and/or services. In the future, we may only provide consulting/advice without the services. Thank you for understanding and have a great day.


What is HowExpert?

HowExpert is an independent publishing company that publishes quick 'how to' guides written by everyday experts with unique talents in unique topics.


How can I write for HowExpert?

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I applied for HowExpert job but didn't get the writing job. Why not?

We appreciate your participation to apply to our HowExpert writing jobs. We strive to publish very specific topics so we must put a pause for your specific topics as of now. Thank you for applying and we can reconsider in the future. To write for HowExpert, visiti here.


What is EbookBorn and what do I get with your Ebook consulting and/or services?

EbookBorn is our sister site founded by HowExpert publisher BJ Min who is the bestselling author of the book "How to Make Money with Ebooks".

EbookBorn is a self publishing consulting and services company to help you answer your questions related to self publishing and actually get your book published on Amazon as an eBook, paperback, and audiobook.

With EbookBorn, you don't just get your typical ebook formatting and submitting service. Instead, you also get valuable consulting receiving the right advice from an experienced and independent self publisher BJ Min to help guide you from A to Z in your step by step process to get the right book idea to publishing to helping you maximize the power of a book to grow your resume, career, business, and your future for the long run.

Visit EbookBorn.com to check out our self publishing consulting & services.


Where can I buy HowExpert books?

Visit Amazon.com to check out our HowExpert books.


How can I get my first HowExpert audiobook for free?

Click here to create a NEW account at Audible to get your FIRST HowExpert for free!


Where do you recommend to visit?

HowExpert.com - Quick how to guides by everyday experts.

HowExpert.com/writers - Write for HowExpert!

EbookBorn.com - Self Publishing Consulting and Services.

  • We have experience publishing hundreds of eBook/paperback/audiobook online through our own independent publishing company HowExpert.com which focuses on quick 'how to' guides by everyday experts.
  • We have helped HUNDREDS of real life people become published online.
  • Your project will be overseen by an experienced self publisher BJ Min (founder of EbookBorn) who is the bestselling author of the book "How to Make Money with Ebooks" and a publisher of 250+ books through his independent publishing company HowExpert.

Also consider writing for our publishing company HowExpert if you're interested in another option to become a published author about your #1 expertise.

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