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Who We Are & What We Do

If you are looking for a DONE FOR YOU SELF PUBLISHING SERVICE, then you have come to the right place.

In Short:

After you finish your own book (which you write on your own), we can take care of the rest!

  • FORMATTING/FORMAT THE BOOK FOR YOU - We can format the book for you for the eBook & paperback book & audiobook so you have 3 sources of income/content after we finish the done for you service.

  • PUBLISHING/PUBLISH THE BOOK FOR YOU - We can publish the book for you in ALL forms such as an eBook + Paperback Book + Audiobook!

  • KEEP 100% OF ALL THE ROYALTIES TO YOURSELF - YES! This is a ONE TIME payment service so you get to keep 100% of ALL the ROYALTIES to YOURSELF for LIFE!!!

  • 3 STREAMS OF INCOME - At the end of our done for you service, you will have an EBOOK + PAPERBACK BOOK + AUDIOBOOK that will be published on Amazon & other top platforms such as Apple's iBooks, Kobo, Sony Reader, & more!

  • GET RESULTS - At the end of the day, it's all about results. Did you publish your work? Is your work officially published or not? Did you leave your legacy in life through your book? Yes or No? No more wishing, hoping, and frustrating feelings of wanting to publish a book. We have experience publishing over 500+ books now on Amazon & we will make sure you GET RESULTS FROM START TO FINISH. Our job is to get you RESULTS and finally you WILL get RESULTS if you hire us & work with us! GET STARTED TODAY!

EbookBorn is a Done For You Self Publishing Service. We are different from other services because we have worked with 500+ writers to publish over 500+ books in non-fiction and fiction for our own publishing company HowExpert & Short Story Press. Now, we want to work with individuals who want to write & publish their own self published book and need help throughout the process from A to Z by a team led by BJ Min who is an experienced self published author and publisher of hundreds of eBooks/paperbacks/audiobooks on Amazon.

After you purchase, please email us at support [at] dreampreneur [dot] com to get started to help you publish your dream book on Amazon!

We look forward to helping you achieve one of your dreams of publishing your own book. (Ideally, we ask you to purchase this package when you're ready to get started writing (to pick the right topic) OR you have a book ready that you want to get published and need our assistance/service to help you accomplish that for your OWN account where you keep ALL royalties for YOURSELF for a LIFETIME! Again, EbookBorn is a Self Publishing Done For You Service for Your Own Custom Book/s. Thank you!


  • We Publish Your Ebook on Amazon!

    Get your eBook published on Amazon!

  • We Publish Your Paperback Book on Amazon!

    We can publish your book as a paperback book on Amazon.

  • We Publish Your Audiobook on Amazon!

    We can also help you create your audiobook for your book!

  • You Keep All Your Royalties!

    With our done for you service, you keep ALL royalties to yourself for a LIFETIME!

  • Done for You Ebook/Book/Audiobook Cover Designs Included

    We can provide you the graphics and designs for your eBook, paperback, and audiobook.

  • Have Helped 100's of People!

    We have experience helping 100's of people become published authors on Amazon! Click here to see our proof with our publishing company.

  • Led by a Bestselling Author & Publisher

    BJ Min has experience being a bestselling author and publisher on Amazon and will provide the expertise to help you maximize your success with our done for you services.

  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied with our service, just let us within 30 days and we can fully refund your money back and we can part as friends.


Self Publishing System

Check Out Our Self Publishing System that Reveals How to Self Publish Your Amazon eBook, Paperback, and Audiobook.

Click Here to Learn About Self Publishing!

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HowExpert is always looking for writers who want to write a quick 'how to' guide about their #1 expertise & get credited as an expert author!

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What is EbookBorn?

EbookBorn provides a done for you service to help the aspiring author, entrepreneur, freelancer, employee, or just about anyone out there who wants to publish their own dream book one day. We help self publish your own book on Amazon as an eBook, paperback, and audiobook. Plus, you keep all rights and royalties for a lifetime!

  • We have experience publishing hundreds of eBook/paperback/audiobook online through our own independent publishing company HowExpert.com which focuses on quick 'how to' guides by everyday experts.
  • We have helped HUNDREDS of real life people become published online.
  • Your project will be overseen by an experienced self publisher BJ Min (founder of EbookBorn) who is the bestselling author of the book "How to Make Money with Ebooks" and a publisher of 250+ books through his independent publishing company HowExpert.

How Is EbookBorn Services Different?

With our service, you don't just get someone who knows how to do things technically to publish your book.

But you will directly get to work with a real life, Amazon bestselling author BJ Min (and publisher of HowExpert.com) to personally guide you to help self publish your book independently with maximum potential for success. Plus, you get to keep all the royalties for a lifetime.

  • Build your credibility and expertise in your niche with your own published eBook/paperback/audiobook!
  • Generate more leads with an eBook/paperback/audiobook and thus increase sales for your overall business!
  • Get ANY Self Publishing Questions Answered with BJ Min for Your Project
  • Keep 100% of All Rights & Royalties for Your Amazon Ebook, Paperback, and Audiobook a LIFETIME!
  • Get Your Book Published as an Amazon Paperback Book! (DONE FOR YOU AMAZON PAPERBACK FORMATTING & SUBMITTING SERVICE)
  • Get Your Book Published as an Amazon Audiobook! (DONE FOR YOU AMAZON AUDIOBOOK SERVICE)
  • Get Your Amazon Ebook + Paperback + Audiobook Graphic Cover Designs! (DONE FOR YOU DESIGN COVERS for EBOOK + PAPERBACK + AUDIOBOOK)
  • Formatting Service – Our formatting specialists format your eBook/paperback/audiobook so it is compatible with the eBook stores.
  • Cover Design – Our designers create a professional covers so that your eBook/paperback/audiobook stands out in the marketplace.
  • Submission – Our submission specialists submit your eBook/paperback/audiobook to all the major top retailers such as Amazon.com’s Kindle Store, BarnesandNoble.com’s Nook Store, Apple’s iBooks, and much more.


Check Out Our Testimonials:

Check Out More Testimonials:

  • “Everything went super well! They were understanding and willing to work around my particular situation. I'm so happy with the results! Got to get published and hopefully make a difference in the life of others. I would highly recommend them.” Nephi Ginnett
  • “I was very pleased with my experience with this client. Their instructions and expectations were clearly communicated. The client responded quickly to any questions or comments that I had. Payment was quickly released after I delivered my content. I'd be happy to work with this client again.” (John Longsworth)
  • “Mr. Min was very clear about his expectations, responded quickly to my messages, and was extremely efficient in terms of turn-around. I would recommend working with him.” Jody Cummings
  • “He explained very clearly everything he wanted and it was a pleasure to work with BJ Min.” Miguel Ferraz
  • “BJ Min is a wonderful client to work for. He has clear expectations and very good in regard to communication. Once I clear a few projects off my plate, I would like to work for him again.” Karen Burkey
  • “Clearly communicates, reasonable expectations and very easy to get a hold of.” Andrew Pourciaux
  • “They were clear about their expectations and they were very flexible. I would like to work with them again.” Heather Clark
  • “BJ was, in a word, AWESOME to work for. Very reasonable deadlines, and the freedom to write well with little oversight, allowing me to take the project to a level that I would otherwise not have been able to. I will HAPPILY write for his business again, and highly recommend him to anyone.” Steven Yoder
  • I absolutely loved working with Hot Methods. They laid out everything I needed to know prior to accepting the job. I set my deadline. Once I turned in my work, I was asked to edit 2 things in my project and once I turned that back in it was accepted within the hour. I would recommend this company.
  • “An excellent experience. If you enjoy writing eBooks this is a great project. BJ Min paid quickly once the project was complete.” Katie Z
  • “This is an excellent employer who allows the writer plenty of space for creativity. The client is also helpful and responsive.” Brenda Brown
  • “Great client!” Christy P
  • “Excellent experience! It was a fun job.” Amy Flanders
  • “Wonderful experience, would love to work with this client again!” Melissa Hayden
  • “Great client! He was reasonable and available upon request.” Natalie Fahey
  • “BJ is fun to work with. He is thoughtful, patient, and open-minded. Overall, fun project!” Candice L
  • “I am thankful for the creative freedom on this project and the client's quick communication. Would love to work with them on another project.” Joshua Klajnowski
  • “Excellent client with great communication skills. Thanks!” Dena Gray
  • “I really enjoyed doing this project and would recommend this employer.” Essie Thorn

"We Will Help Self Publish Your Own Ebook/Paperback/Audiobook on Amazon & You Get to Keep 100% of All the Royalties for Yourself for the Rest of Your Life!"

We Have Real Life Experience Publishing HUNDREDS of How to Books From A to Z Since We Have Done This For 10+ YEARS! We Have MORE Books Published Than Most Writing Services Combined Because Currently, We Have Published Almost Over 500+ Books! (in Non Fiction & Fiction Included & We Are Aiming For 1,000+ Books In The Future! In Short, We WORK with HUNDREDS OF WRITERS & We Can DO THIS FOR YOU! HIRE US & LET'S PUBLISH YOUR BOOK!)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"I personally guarantee that you will be satisfied with our EbookBorn services."

- BJ Min (Publisher of HowExpert.com & Betselling Author of "How to Make Money with Ebooks" & Creator of EbookBorn.com)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our done for you service, just let us know within 30 days and we will provide a refund and we can part as friends. Our mission is to publish your dream book, build your credibility as an expert in your field, and grow your overall career or business for the long run.


Note: Prices will go up in the future so start now to lock in at the best rate today!

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